Fest Map

Public Transportation

DeKalb, IL
Friday, Aug 23rd
Saturday, Aug 24th
Sunday, Aug 25th

Buses And Door-To-Door Service

Public Transportation to and from Corn Fest is available via the City of DeKalb’s Route 16 and Route 17.  Both routes begin at the Northern Illinois University (NIU) Holmes Student Center and provide access to Corn Fest every 30 minutes throughout most of the day.  Please visit the City of DeKalb’s public transportation website to view the Route 16 and Route 17 map and schedule.  For questions regarding Route 16 or Route 17, please contact Huskie Line at 815-758-6900.

The City of DeKalb paratransit service will be offering free door-to-door rides to Corn Fest for senior citizens and individuals with disabilities on Friday, August 27th, Saturday, August 28th, and Sunday, August 29th.  To schedule a pick-up or drop-off, please contact the City’s paratransit provider, Transdev, at 815-420-5500.

Taxi Service

DeCab shuttle and limo will be providing taxi service from 11:30 pm to 3 am from the downtown area.  Cost is $5 per person for DeKalb residents and $10 per person for Sycamore residents.  Call 815-757-6430 for more information.

Late Night Public Transportation

The City of DeKalb operates a late-night public transportation service from 10:00 pm – 7:00 am via Route 11.  Route 11 provides access to downtown DeKalb, South Taylor St., West Lincoln Hwy., NIU Residence Halls, Eco Park, Twombly Rd., and Ridge Dr. For additional information regarding Route 11, including a map and schedule, please visit the City of DeKalb’s public transportation website.

Other Transportation

Please visit the City of DeKalb’s public transportation website for a full listing of the City’s public transit routes and options.

To view and track the City’s bus routes in real-time, please download the ETA Spot app from the Google Play or Apple App store free of charge.  To view the bus tracker website on a desktop computer, please visit http://dekalbpublic.etaspot.net/.