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Kid Fest Vendor Booth Space Application and Guidelines

Please read this application carefully and answer every question completely. Applications are due no later than Aug. 10th or when the allotted space is sold out. Space is reserved on a first come, first serve basis so the sooner you turn in your application, the better your chances for being guaranteed a space. Spaces will not be reserved until application along with payment has been submitted. Once your payment has been submitted, there will be no refunds. If you do not have the certificate of insurance for your booth, you will not be able to set up and no refunds will be given.

Item #1- Kid Fest Application requirements

You may apply to have a booth space in the Kid Fest area if you are geared towards family-friendly merchandise or services only. This space is less than a regular vendor booth space because the hours are shorter than the festival main street hours and your booth is located in the Kid Fest area, not on Lincoln Hwy. We reserve the right to refuse any application that does not meet these requirements. You may choose to do a vendor booth application if you do not meet the requirements of Kid Fest.

Item #2- Kid Fest Operation Times

Kid Fest will be held on Friday, Aug. 23rd (3pm-8pm), Saturday, Aug. 24th (11am-8pm) and Sunday, August 25th (11am-6pm). These times do not include the time available for set up. If your application is accepted, you will be sent instructions regarding set up the week before the fest.

Friday, Aug. 23rd- 3pm-11pm
Saturday, Aug. 24th- 11am-11pm
Sunday, Aug. 25th- 11am-6pm

There will be no vehicles allowed in/out during the festival hours. The only time you will be allowed to bring in/out any items via vehicle is during set up hours or before/after the festival hours. Breakdown of your booth can begin at 5:30 although no cars will be allowed in until 6:15 or until traffic control allows you in. You may line up your car beforehand so you can be one of the first in however, you may not block traffic of other vehicles. Your booth must be broken down and off the street by 7:30pm on Sunday, Aug. 28th.

Item #3- Booth Spaces

Booth spaces are 12 feet deep by 15 feet long. This includes any trailers that have hitches, awnings, etc. Your space cannot exceed these dimensions or you will have to buy an additional space. Each space is directly next to one another. Vendors that are not in compliance with the rules set forth will be required to make modifications at the discretion of the Corn Fest board. Vendors who are unwilling to comply will be removed from the festival without a booth space refund.

Nothing is included in your booth space but the space itself. You are responsible for any tables, tents, awnings, etc. needed. Your booth space may not be resold, shared, or given to any others than the person assigned by the DeKalb Corn Fest board.

Item #4- Set Up

Set up begins at 10am on Friday, Aug. 23rd. You may line up your car before this time but no cars are allowed until Corn Fest staff allows you in. Booths cannot be set up or erected in any manner that will obstruct or cause damage to the pavement.

Item #5- Waste Disposal

Waste containers will be available and all vendors are responsible for cleaning their booth space sites daily.

Item #6- Water

There are no direct water hook ups available to your booth space but there are various locations at the fest where you can get water for your booth. No unauthorized hose hook ups are allowed. You may only fill up buckets and take to your booth. Ice is available for sale at the fest by the Boy Scouts.

Item #7- Electricity and Outlets

Electricity will be available on a first come, first serve basis. Only appliances with “three pronged” plugs will be allowed. NO ADAPTERS will be allowed. If you require electricity, you will need to provide your own 12 gauge/3 wire 100′ extension cord. Electrical inspectors will be on-site to check electrical hook-ups and to remove any potentially dangerous situations. NO GASOLINE GENERATORS are allowed. If using a generator, no grounding rods will be drilled into the pavement. Any additional electric requirements other than what was requested on the application will be charged to you at time of set up if additional supply is available.

Item #8- Governed by Illinois Law

This agreement shall be governed as to performance and interpretation with the laws of the City of DeKalb, DeKalb County, and the State of Illinois.

Item #9- Vendor Property

DeKalb Corn Fest, Inc. is not responsible for any damaged or stolen property in your area while you are participating at this festival.

Item #10- DeKalb Corn Fest Rights and Restrictions

All activities performed and products sold at this festival are subject to the approval of DeKalb Corn Fest, Inc. DeKalb Corn Fest, Inc. reserves the right to restrict any questionable booths, products, or services. No animals will be allowed at booth spaces at the festival except service animals and police dogs.

Item #11- Cancellation

DeKalb Corn Fest will take place rain or shine. There are no refunds for weather conditions.

Item #12- Return Check Fee

Any vendor who pays for a booth space with a check and the check is returned will be subject to a return check fee of $55.00. In addition, the fee and the booth space will have to be paid for with a credit card, certified check, money order or cash) within 48 hours in order to guarantee your space.

Item #13- Fire Protection

All service vendors must have a Class 2A- 40BC rated fire extinguisher. All fire extinguishers
must be easily accessible within the vending area. The DeKalb Fire Department will make random inspections throughout the festival weekend. Vendors not in compliance will be asked to rent an extinguisher from our supplier on premise or asked to leave the festival without a booth space refund.

Item #14- Remedies for Non- Compliance

DeKalb Corn Fest, Inc. shall have the right, in its sole discretion, to remove any vendor from the festival grounds for any violation of the terms contained in this agreement. DeKalb Corn Fest, Inc. shall not be liable for any economic loss or injury to person or property occasioned by said removal, and vendor shall not be entitled to any refund of any fees paid in accordance with this agreement.

Item #15- Indemnification

The vendor agrees to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless DeKalb Corn Fest, Inc., its agents, officers, representatives, assigns and employees from and against any and all claims, causes of action, liability, loss or damages, costs and expenses, including but not limited to legal fees, attorney fees, and court costs arising directly or indirectly out of, or in any way related to any act of the vendor, its employees, volunteers, agents, servants, subcontractors, licensees, or assignees.

Booth Place Location

DeKalb Corn Fest, Inc. has sole authority over booth placement.

Booth Space Products

List below all types of products you will be selling/distributing at your booth. You are only allowed to sell/distributed the products you have listed below. Vendors of the same type of goods may be limited.

3 Day Booth Space (12 x 15 space) at $160/space
120V - 20 Amp Single Circuit at $90.00 per circuit. Limited quantities are available. Max 2 circuits per vendor per location.
Pay By

Make checks payable to DeKalb Corn Fest Inc. or pay online at cornfest.com under Vendor Payments. A 3.5% credit card processing fee has been added to your total amount if you indicated you will pay by credit card above.


I release DeKalb Corn Fest, Inc. DeKalb Park District, and the City of DeKalb from any liability and responsibility for any loss, damage, or bodily injury before, during, or after the festival herein. DeKalb Corn Fest, Inc. reserves the right to refuse any application.

Applications with fee should be completed no later than July 15, 2024. If paying by check, send payment to:

DeKalb Corn Fest, Inc.
Attn: kid Fest Vendor
PO Box 948
DeKalb, IL 60115

Please contact us at vendor@cornfest.com or via phone at (815) 748-CORN (2676) with any questions.