Fest Map


DeKalb, IL
Friday, Aug 23rd
Saturday, Aug 24th
Sunday, Aug 25th

Ride Tickets

1 Coupon: $1.50
20 Coupons: $28.00
50 Coupons: $65.00

Most rides take 2-5 coupons

Wristband Deals

$70.00 Megaband
Receive unlimited rides all weekend at Corn Fest

$33 Daily Unlimited Ride Wristbands
Friday 3pm–7pm | Saturday 11am-3pm | Sunday All Day

The carnival will be located behind Locust St. in the city and Frontier parking lots in between 2nd and 3rd St. in downtown DeKalb.

Our carnival provider is North American Midway Entertainment.

Are you ready for some FUN? When you come to any of our fairs or festivals you will immediately sense something different. You will feel welcome and you will know it’s going to be a great day, you are going to love it and tell everyone about us. From all of our amazing and safe rides to the delicious indulgence of carnival food and fun games – we will have you spinning in delight, eating tasty food all day, and making memories to last a lifetime! Our Midways are clean and we take pride in our presentation down to the smallest details. YOU are important to us.