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Miss Mitchell B-25 Bomber

What's it like to fly in a WWII bomber?

B25 Bomber

There is nothing quite like the thrill of flying through history back to WWII! This plane is almost exactly as it was when it was built during the war. The only things that have changed are modern avionics in the cockpit and no live ammunition in the fifty caliber machine guns!

The pilots will be happy to tell you all about the airplane and its flying characteristics, and what makes the B-25 such a phenomenal airplane. In order to fly the B-25 for the CAF you must have hundreds of hours of flying experience and many many hours getting certified to fly this particular airplane. Most of our pilots are also current or retired commercial airline pilots.

Give a gift they'll always remember, a flight through history!

A one hour experience is $450, this includes a preflight briefing, engine run-up and flight time. Please allow for at least 2 hours to meet with the crew, ask questions, hear colorful answers and view our extensive museum.

  • The flights will be conducted at DeKalb Taylor Municipal Airport during Corn Fest weekend August 26th-28th.
  • Flights will last approximately one hour from start to shut down.
  • Up to five (5) passengers can be carried each flight where they will be able to occupy any of the non-flight crew positions including the bombardiers position, the turret, waist gunner and tail gunner positions.